300+ Best Zombie Captions For Instagram And Quotes

Zombie Captions For Instagram And Quotes

Embrace the eerie and awaken the undead within your Instagram feed with our collection of spine-chilling captions—perfectly tailored for those moments when life feels like a zombie apocalypse.

From cryptic quotes to graveyard humor, our ‘Zombie Captions For Instagram‘ are here to infuse your posts with a dose of the supernatural.

Unleash your inner ghoul and let the undead vibes take over as you explore a world where every selfie tells a tale of the undead.

Join us in this macabre journey through words and unleash the zombie within your captions!

Zombie Captions For Instagram

  1. “Woke up like this. Dead, but fabulous.”
  2. “Just another day in the zombiehood.”
  3. “Braaains over beauty. Wait, why not both?”
  4. “When life gives you zombies, make zombie-ade.”
  5. “Strolling through life one zombie shuffle at a time.”
  6. “Dead inside, but my Instagram game is alive.”
  7. “Creeping it real on the ‘gram.”
  8. “Zombie mode: Activated. Hashtag: LivingDeadLife.”
  9. “My favorite exercise is a deadlift. Literally.”
  10. “Eat. Slay. Post. Repeat.”
  11. “In a world full of basic, be a zombie.”
  12. “Wandering through life like a zombie in search of WiFi.”
  13. “Zombies may not do cardio, but we sure know how to slay.”
  14. “When your caption is as dead as your coffee.”
  15. “Zombie vibes: Because adulting is overrated.”
  16. “Deadlines over dead bodies. Priorities, right?”
  17. “Zombie queen in a human world.”
  18. “Life’s a graveyard, and I’m just here for the plot twists.”
  19. “Just a girl trying to find someone to share brains with.”
  20. “I’m not lazy; I’m in energy-saving mode.”
  21. “Living my best undead life.”
  22. “Zombie apocalypse forecast: 100% chance of selfies.”
  23. “Too dead to be basic.”
  24. “Wearing black because it’s a funeral—for my motivation.”
  25. “Undead and loving it.”
  26. “I like my coffee like I like my mornings: dark and without a pulse.”
  27. “When your selfie game is so strong, it’s practically infectious.”
  28. “Zombie walk of fame: where every step is a stumble.”
  29. “My level of zombie is directly proportional to the lack of caffeine.”
  30. “Dead emojis only, please. 💀✨ #ZombieLife”

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Horror Zombie Captions For Instagram

  1. “Bite me once, shame on you. Bite me twice, well, I’m probably a zombie now.”
  2. “When life gives you zombies, make sure your Instagram filter is on point.”
  3. “Just a zombie living in a world full of snackable humans.”
  4. “I like my humans like I like my coffee—running for their lives.”
  5. “Zombie apocalypse fashion: Ripped clothes and a hunger for brains.”
  6. “Swipe left if you’re not into the undead. #ZombieLife”
  7. “Looking for someone to share long walks and brain feasts with. Serious inquiries only.”
  8. “Got bitten, but at least my Instagram feed is alive and well.”
  9. “Zombies need love too. Preferably served with a side of brains.”
  10. “Who needs a reflection when you’ve got an insatiable appetite for horror?”
  11. “Living dead, but my selfie game is still strong.”
  12. “Netflix and chill? More like brains and thrill. #ZombieLife”
  13. “When your only makeup is blood stains. #ZombieChic”
  14. “Relationship status: Decomposing but still swiping right.”
  15. “Just a zombie trying to make a graveyard smash on Instagram.”
  16. “If you can’t handle me at my zombie, you don’t deserve me at my alive.”
  17. “Casual Friday in the zombie apocalypse: Casualties everywhere.”
  18. “I like my zombies like I like my jokes—dark and a bit twisted.”
  19. “Zombie pick-up line: Are you made of copper and tellurium? Because you’re Cu-Te.”
  20. “Decomposing, but make it fashion.”
  21. “Dressing up as a zombie every day because adulting is scarier.”
  22. “In a world full of filters, be a zombie with an appetite for authenticity.”
  23. “When life hands you lemons, throw them at the zombies and run.”
  24. “Zombie walk of fame: Limping into the spotlight, one brain at a time.”
  25. “Trying to blend in with the humans, but my moans give me away.”
  26. “Just a zombie living unapologetically in a world full of judgments.”
  27. “Zombie dating profile: Seeking someone with a pulse, for contrast.”
  28. “When you’re dead inside but your Instagram game is on fire.”
  29. “Who needs a personal trainer when you can chase humans for cardio?”
  30. “Love bites, and so do I. #ZombieRomance”

Captions For Zombie Pictures

  1. “Biting my way through the apocalypse, one photo at a time.”
  2. “Zombie selfie: Because ‘living’ is overrated.”
  3. “Staring into the abyss, but the abyss is totally checking out my brains.”
  4. “Fangs and Filter: My undead glam moment.”
  5. “Caught in the act of being undead and fabulous.”
  6. “This is my ‘before coffee’ look. Just kidding, I don’t drink coffee; I drink blood.”
  7. “When life gives you zombies, make it a photoshoot.”
  8. “Zombie chic: because being alive is so last season.”
  9. “Glamour in the grave, slay in the decay.”
  10. “Dead tired but still slaying the undead game.”
  11. “Living for the afterlife aesthetics.”
  12. “Braaains and beauty – the perfect undead combo.”
  13. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most undead of them all?”
  14. “Zombie mode: ON. Camera mode: Also ON.”
  15. “Decomposition never looked so good.”
  16. “Eyes on the prize, or in my case, the brains.”
  17. “When life gets grave, take a selfie.”
  18. “Living in a world of filters and zombies.”
  19. “Just a zombie trying to make a dead-ication to fashion.”
  20. “Strike a pose, it’s the zombie catwalk of the apocalypse.”
  21. “Glowing in the dark, because regular lighting is so human.”
  22. “Apocalypse couture: Ripped clothes and killer looks.”
  23. “I’m not dead; I’m just between naps.”
  24. “Zombie selfie game: Level 1000.”
  25. “Dead inside, but outside I’m thriving.”
  26. “Eating brains and breaking hearts.”
  27. “Zombie walk of fame: where every step is a masterpiece.”
  28. “Living the undead dream, one photo at a time.”
  29. “Dead serious about this selfie game.”
  30. “Decaying, but make it fashion. 💀📸 #ZombieLife”

Funny Zombie Captions For Instagram

  1. “I told the zombies it’s a potluck, but all they brought was brains. Rude.”
  2. “Zombie tip: Always double-tap, both on Instagram and during the apocalypse.”
  3. “If zombies had a sense of humor, they’d still eat you, but with a smile.”
  4. “When life gives you lemons, squirt them in the eyes of the nearest zombie.”
  5. “Do zombies eat popcorn with their fingers? No, they eat the fingers separately.”
  6. “Why did the zombie go to school? To improve his ‘dead’ucation.”
  7. “I like my zombies how I like my mornings—slow and full of moans.”
  8. “Zombies don’t do cardio; they do human chase workouts.”
  9. “Zombie pickup line: Are you a cemetery? Because I’m dead serious about you.”
  10. “When zombies throw a party, it’s a dead-cadent affair.”
  11. “Coffee and brains: The only way to start a zombie morning.”
  12. “Just a zombie trying to find someone who can handle my dead-ication to puns.”
  13. “Why did the zombie join Instagram? For the deadication and the brains.”
  14. “Zombies are just humans with a bite-sized personality change.”
  15. “Zombie fitness tip: Limber up before the human hunt—flexibility is key.”
  16. “What’s a zombie’s favorite toy? The LEGO ‘Afterlife’ set.”
  17. “When zombies tell jokes, it’s a deadpan delivery every time.”
  18. “Zombie fashion: Ripped jeans, tattered shirts, and a dash of blood for that killer look.”
  19. “Zombie diet plan: Eat fewer brains than you have.”
  20. “When zombies have a party, it’s a real ‘corpse-a-palooza.'”
  21. “Why did the zombie bring a ladder to the apocalypse? He heard the food was on the top shelf.”
  22. “Zombie Valentine’s Day card: ‘You make my heart beat faster. Please stop, it’s distracting.'”
  23. “Zombie break-up line: It’s not you; it’s me… craving other people’s brains.”
  24. “Zombie life motto: Eat, prey, love… literally.”
  25. “Zombies don’t need a GPS; they follow the scent of fear.”
  26. “What’s a zombie’s favorite dessert? Ladyfingers, of course.”
  27. “Zombie selfie tip: Capture your good side before it decomposes.”
  28. “Zombie IQ test: If you can outrun me, you’re probably safe. Probably.”
  29. “Zombie chef’s advice: Always marinate your humans in fear for that extra flavor.”
  30. “Why don’t zombies use social media? They already have enough ‘followers’ in real life.”

Zombie Bride And Groom Caption

  1. “Till death do us part… and then some.”
  2. “Love in the time of the undead.”
  3. “Zombie wedding vibes: Because eternal love deserves eternal decay.”
  4. “Bride and Groom of the Dead, reporting for unholy matrimony.”
  5. “Wedding goals: A love that’s un-deadicated.”
  6. “Here comes the bride, all dressed in decay.”
  7. “Zombie love story: Where ‘I do’ turns into ‘I chew.'”
  8. “Deadication to each other, forever and always.”
  9. “When your love is so strong, it survives even death.”
  10. “Love is dead. Long live the love.”
  11. “Dressed to impress, even in the afterlife.”
  12. “Zombie bride and groom: Because normal weddings are for the living.”
  13. “Love is infectious, just like the zombie apocalypse.”
  14. “Decomposing together, forever and always.”
  15. “Blood, sweat, and tears of joy – the perfect wedding cocktail.”
  16. “Bride and groom, undead and glamorous.”
  17. “Zombie vows: ‘To have and to hold, from this life to the next… and beyond.'”
  18. “Just married, but not quite departed.”
  19. “In sickness and in health, even if that sickness is zombification.”
  20. “Zombie wedding checklist: Veil, check. Decay, double-check.”
  21. “The undead couple that slays together, stays together.”
  22. “Tying the knot, and then maybe tying some intestines too.”
  23. “True love withstands the test of time… and decomposition.”
  24. “Zombie bride and groom, serving looks that could kill. Literally.”
  25. “Marriage, the eternal adventure – even in the afterlife.”
  26. “Our love story is un-deadly romantic.”
  27. “Zombie wedding day essentials: Ghoulish attire and eternal commitment.”
  28. “Love at first bite, sealed with a zombie kiss.”
  29. “Zombie bride and groom: Where romance meets rigor mortis.”
  30. “Eternally yours, in death and in reanimation.”

Apocalypse Instagram Captions

  1. “Living my best post-apocalyptic life. No filters needed, just dust.”
  2. “When the world ends, make sure your Instagram still looks fire.”
  3. “Apocalypse chic: Gas mask and attitude.”
  4. “Wearing my end-of-the-world outfit. It’s called ‘I woke up like this, chaos.'”
  5. “Turned my survival mode on. Also, my Instagram game is still strong.”
  6. “Just a girl surviving in a world that underestimated her Insta skills.”
  7. “Post-apocalyptic glow-up: From ashes to fierceness.”
  8. “Found beauty in the ruins. And by beauty, I mean a good Instagram backdrop.”
  9. “Living in a dystopian world, but at least my selfie game is on point.”
  10. “When life gives you an apocalypse, make it Instagrammable.”
  11. “Apocalypse survival tip: Document it for the ‘gram, because why not?”
  12. “Out here dodging zombies and looking fabulous while doing it.”
  13. “My life is a mess, but my Instagram grid is apocalypse goals.”
  14. “Fashion forecast: Gas masks are the new black.”
  15. “Living in the end times, but still slaying the social media game.”
  16. “Apocalypse selfie: Because radiation doesn’t ruin a good hair day.”
  17. “They said I could be anything, so I became a post-apocalyptic influencer.”
  18. “Trying to find love in the apocalypse. Swipe right to join my survival squad.”
  19. “When the world crumbles, make sure your contour doesn’t.”
  20. “Broke a nail while fighting off mutants. The struggle is real.”
  21. “Post-apocalyptic workout: Running from danger and looking fierce.”
  22. “Zombies, mutants, and mayhem, but first, let me take a selfie.”
  23. “If the world is ending, might as well end it with a killer Instagram feed.”
  24. “Living in a world where the only thing scarier than mutants is my ex’s texts.”
  25. “Apocalypse checklist: Water, snacks, and a fully charged phone for Instagram updates.”
  26. “Surviving the end of the world, one hashtag at a time.”
  27. “The only thing spreading faster than the virus is my influence in the apocalypse.”
  28. “Apocalypse fashion tip: Gas masks go with everything.”
  29. “When the going gets tough, the tough update their Instagram stories.”
  30. “They called it doomsday; I called it an opportunity for a rebrand.”

Halloween Zombies Captions For Instagram

  1. “Trick or treat, eat some brains, repeat.”
  2. “Halloween vibes: More treats, less tricks… unless you’re a zombie.”
  3. “Bite me, it’s Halloween.”
  4. “Zombie apocalypse countdown: 3…2…1… BOO!”
  5. “Ghouls just wanna have fun. And brains, of course.”
  6. “Creeping it real this Halloween.”
  7. “Dead or alive, it’s time to thrive this Halloween.”
  8. “Witch better have my candy, or things could get zombie.”
  9. “Zombie squad: Ready for the spookiest night of the year.”
  10. “Eat, drink, and be scary. Bonus points if you’re undead.”
  11. “When the moon is full and the zombies are out, you know it’s Halloween.”
  12. “Zombie mode: Activated for the frightful night.”
  13. “Costume idea: Undead influencer. AKA everyday me.”
  14. “Halloween forecast: A 100% chance of eerie and a touch of undead.”
  15. “Dead leaves and zombie dreams.”
  16. “Trick or brains? The eternal Halloween dilemma.”
  17. “Zombie walk of fame: Halloween edition.”
  18. “Boo-tifully undead and loving it.”
  19. “Zombie glam on point for the spookiest season.”
  20. “This is as dressed up as I get. Dead chic for Halloween.”
  21. “Braaains on the menu this Halloween. What’s on yours?”
  22. “Zombie squad assemble: Halloween edition.”
  23. “When your Halloween look is more thriller than filler.”
  24. “Waking up like this: Halloween edition.”
  25. “Gory details and pumpkin spice—because it’s Halloween, darling.”
  26. “Zombie vibes only: Happy Halloween, my undead darlings!”
  27. “Dress like every day is Halloween. Especially if you’re a zombie.”
  28. “Zombie and proud: A Halloween state of mind.”
  29. “Dead-tastic Halloween moments that are to die for.”
  30. “Graveyards and giggles: Because Halloween is a graveyard smash!”

Zombie Funny Quotes

  1. “Zombies are just misunderstood, they’re really just dead tired.”
  2. “Why did the zombie apply for a job? He wanted a dead-end career.”
  3. “If zombies had a sense of humor, they’d probably find us quite ‘gut-busting.'”
  4. “I asked a zombie how he stays in shape. His response? A dead-lift here and there.”
  5. “Zombies only eat the brains of smart people. That’s why I’m safe.”
  6. “Zombie philosophy: ‘Life is short, death is even shorter.'”
  7. “Why don’t zombies make good comedians? Their jokes are always a bit too ‘deadpan.'”
  8. “Zombies are like Mondays—relentless, hungry, and nobody likes them.”
  9. “What’s a zombie’s favorite shampoo? Head and shoulders. And maybe a leg.”
  10. “Why did the zombie join a band? He wanted to improve his dead-ly beats.”
  11. “Zombies never lie. They’re dead honest about their intentions.”
  12. “If zombies had Yelp reviews, humans would be rated five stars for taste.”
  13. “I told the zombie he had something on his face. Turns out, it was the rest of his face.”
  14. “Zombie pickup line: ‘Are you made of copper and tellurium? Because you’re Cu-Te.'”
  15. “Why did the zombie go to therapy? He needed help with his ‘dead’-pression.”
  16. “Zombies are great at parties. They’re always the life of the graveyard bash.”
  17. “Why don’t zombies ever get mad? They’re dead inside.”
  18. “Zombie diet tip: A balanced meal is one limb in each hand.”
  19. “Zombie fitness goal: To drop dead weight, literally.”
  20. “I told the zombie he needs a hobby. He said, ‘I’m dead serious about my eating habits.'”
  21. “Why don’t zombies use social media? Because they can’t stand the sight of ‘dead’lines.”
  22. “Zombie philosophy: ‘Life is a buffet, and I’m here for the brains.'”
  23. “Why did the zombie bring a ladder to the apocalypse? He heard the food was on the top shelf.”
  24. “Zombie chef’s tip: For the best flavor, marinate your humans in fear for at least 24 hours.”
  25. “Zombies are great at hide and seek. You hide; they’ll seek and snack.”
  26. “Zombie breakup line: ‘It’s not you; it’s me… needing other people’s brains.'”
  27. “Why did the zombie get a job at the bakery? He kneaded the dough.”
  28. “Zombie romance: Love at first bite.”
  29. “If zombies had a dating app, it would be called ‘Tinder-Roam.'”
  30. “Why did the zombie start a garden? He wanted to grow a ‘dead’ly bloom.”

Zombie Apocalypse Quotes

  1. “In the silence of the apocalypse, even whispers can wake the dead.”
  2. “Survival is an art, and in the zombie apocalypse, every step is a brushstroke.”
  3. “When the world is overrun by zombies, the only way out is to become the predator or the prey.”
  4. “In a world where the dead walk, those who run survive.”
  5. “The only way to escape the zombie apocalypse is to outlive it.”
  6. “In the midst of chaos, the resilient rise, and the undead fall.”
  7. “Zombie apocalypse: Where the monsters are both outside and within.”
  8. “In the dance of survival, we waltz through the graveyard of the undead.”
  9. “The key to surviving a zombie apocalypse? Keep moving, keep fighting, keep living.”
  10. “When the world falls apart, it’s the survivors who rewrite the story.”
  11. “In the symphony of screams, only the living can hear the melody of survival.”
  12. “In the zombie apocalypse, bravery is not the absence of fear but the triumph over it.”
  13. “The undead walk, but the living run the race of survival.”
  14. “In a world gone mad, the sane become the hunters, and the zombies become the hunted.”
  15. “Zombie apocalypse wisdom: adapt, improvise, and never become one of them.”
  16. “When the dead rise, the living must stand taller than ever.”
  17. “In a land of zombies, the one with brains becomes king.”
  18. “Fear is a luxury the apocalypse can’t afford.”
  19. “Zombie apocalypse: Where hope is the antidote to the virus of despair.”
  20. “In the world of the undead, those who cling to humanity become legends.”
  21. “The zombie apocalypse is not the end; it’s a chance for a new beginning.”
  22. “When the world turns gray, the survivors color it with courage.”
  23. “In the face of death, some run, some hide, and others stand and fight.”
  24. “Zombies may roam, but the living still dream of a better tomorrow.”
  25. “In the silence of the apocalypse, the echo of survival is the loudest.”
  26. “When the dead rise, so do the stories of those who refused to be silent.”
  27. “Zombie apocalypse rule: Trust no one, fear everything, and keep moving forward.”
  28. “In a world where the dead outnumber the living, survival is the ultimate rebellion.”
  29. “When the world is on fire, only those who dare to walk through the flames survive.”
  30. “In the zombie apocalypse, the real monsters are the ones we become to stay alive.”

Zombie Quotes For Instagram

  1. “Embracing the undead life—one brain at a time. 💀 #ZombieChronicles”
  2. “In a world full of walkers, be a stalker with style. #ZombieFashionista”
  3. “Just because I’m dead inside doesn’t mean my Instagram can’t be lively. #ZombieLife”
  4. “My life is a series of decomposed moments captured in pixels. #UndeadAesthetics”
  5. “When life gives you zombies, make a killer Instagram story. #ZombieDiaries”
  6. “Swipe left if you’re not into the cold touch of the undead. #ZombieLove”
  7. “Living for the moans and groans. #ZombieVibes”
  8. “Zombie apocalypse survival tip: Always have a charged phone for epic selfies. #DeadButDapper”
  9. “Zombie status: Dead, but my Instagram is thriving. #LivingDeadLife”
  10. “They said ‘shoot for the stars,’ but I aim for the brains. #ZombieGoals”
  11. “Just a zombie trying to fit in this human-dominated Instagram world. #ZombieStruggles”
  12. “Filtering out the living, one post-apocalyptic selfie at a time. #FilteredByZombification”
  13. “Zombies need self-love too. #ZombieConfessions”
  14. “Living in a world of decay but thriving on Instagram likes. #ZombieInfluencer”
  15. “Dead, but not forgotten on your feed. #ZombieRemembrance”
  16. “Raising the dead and raising my follower count simultaneously. #ZombieRising”
  17. “Life is short, death is shorter. Make every Instagram post count. #ZombieWisdom”
  18. “Undead and unbothered. #ZombieAttitude”
  19. “Zombies can be influencers too, right? #InfluencingFromTheGrave”
  20. “Biting my way through life and your Instagram feed. #ZombieBites”
  21. “They say I’m a snack; little do they know, I prefer the term ‘feast.’ #ZombieAppetite”
  22. “Zombie apocalypse mood: Dead but well-lit. #ZombieGlowUp”
  23. “My Instagram theme? Decay and desaturation. #ZombieAesthetic”
  24. “When life hands you zombies, make zombie-ade and document it. #ZombieLifeHacks”
  25. “Dead inside, but my Instagram stories are full of life. #ZombieStories”
  26. “Decomposing, but make it fashion. #ZombieCouture”
  27. “If I had a dollar for every time someone said I look dead, I’d be undead rich. #ZombieProblems”
  28. “Casually strolling through the apocalypse with a killer Instagram pose. #ZombieSwagger”
  29. “Zombie dating profile: Seeking someone with a pulse, for contrast. #ZombieRomance”
  30. “Life’s a graveyard, and I’m just here for the plot twists. #ZombieNarratives”


As we wrap up our journey into the realm of the undead through ‘Zombie Captions for Instagram,’ remember that even in the eeriest moments, a touch of humor and a dash of the supernatural can breathe life into your social media game.

Whether you’re navigating through the graveyard of hashtags or simply adding a touch of spooky to your posts, let these captions be your trusty companions in the uncharted territory of Instagram.

Keep the zombie spirit alive, and may your captions continue to rise from the digital grave, haunting timelines with a perfect blend of wit and creepiness. Until next time, stay undead and caption on!

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